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Dexify Wins Top Product of the Month on A Leap Forward in On-Chain Asset Management

Dexify wins product of the month on

We are thrilled to announce that Dexify, our innovative on-chain asset management platform, has been recognised as the Top Product of the Month on, the leading platform for discovering the best products in the Web3 space. This recognition comes as we prepare to go live on the Venom Testnet, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

A Recognition Well Deserved

Winning the Top Product of the Month on, often referred to as the Product Hunt of Web3, is a significant milestone in our journey and a validation of our efforts. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of the Dexify team. Since our inception, we have been committed to revolutionising the world of asset management by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

High Praise and Community Support

Dexify has not only been recognised for its innovative approach but also for its high-quality user experience, earning a 5-star rating on Furthermore, we received over 570 upvotes, the most any project received that month, demonstrating the strong support and enthusiasm of our community.

Dexify on Venom Testnet: A New Chapter

We are excited to announce that Dexify is shortly going live on the Venom Testnet. This move will allow us to leverage the robust infrastructure and growing popularity of the Venom blockchain, further enhancing the capabilities of our platform.

What Makes Dexify Stand Out?

Dexify is not your typical asset management platform. We are building the infrastructure for on-chain vaults of anything tokenised, democratising access to quality asset management. Our platform allows for a wide array of assets to be managed efficiently and transparently on the blockchain, opening up new opportunities for investors and asset managers alike.

The Future is Bright

While we are incredibly proud of this achievement, we are not resting on our laurels. We have big plans for the future. We are working on integrating advanced AI technology into our platform, which will allow us to tailor investment portfolios based on individual parameters such as risk tolerance and investment horizon.

A Big Thank You

We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing community for their unwavering support. This achievement would not have been possible without you. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to continuing to serve you with our innovative solutions.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Dexify! Check us out on X @DexifyHQ

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