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Our Features

Dexify is a leading DeFi asset management app.

Dexify AI

AI integration

Our machine learning powered portfolio allocation engine allows users to customise their portfolios according to their individual risk preferences.


Furthermore, our AI-powered portfolio rebalancing feature ensures that users' portfolio allocations remain on track with their investment goals.

Dexify Security

Trust & Security

Dexify puts trust and security first.


We strive to reduce moral hazard through open and transparent transactions that guarantee secure and permissionless asset management.

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Dexify Diversification
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Diversified Investing

Dexify offers automatic fund rebalancing and diversified fund options to help users improve their investing and reduce their risk.


With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, Dexify makes DeFi asset management easy and enjoyable.

Dexify User Experience

Excellent UX

Dexify provides an excellent user experience to streamline and reduce the complexities of the DeFi asset management industry. 

Dexify Passive Investing

Passive Investing

With Dexify, you can easily invest in index funds or actively managed funds, saving you so much time and effort. Plus, you can set recurring deposits to automate the process even further! Try Dexify for yourself and see why it's the best way to grow your digital wallet wealth.

Dexify Social

Social Focus

Users to easily share their investing streaks and achievements with their friends. Users can also refer their friends to join the app and earn rewards. Furthermore, users can follow their favourite investing content creators and invest alongside them. 

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