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Modern Technology, Traditional Values

Our Mission

1. Empower global financial inclusion

  • Making asset management accessible to all

2. Bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi

  • Work closely with regulators to ensure full compliance

3. Promote wealth generation

  • Allowing all users to ​gain access to the same vehicles as the 1%

4. Simplify DeFi

  • Leverage technology to reducing barriers to entry and complications​

5. Support local economies

  • ​Promote sustainable growth through financial education and access

Who We Serve

  1. Newcomers to DeFi and Crypto:

    • Users who are new to the world of decentralised finance 

  2. Underbanked and Underserved Communities:

    • Individuals who lack access to traditional banking services or have limited financial resources.

    • Users seeking a platform that empowers them to achieve financial inclusion and wealth generation.

  3. Passive Investors:

    • Investors who prefer a hands-off approach to managing their digital assets.

    • Those who want to leverage the expertise of professional fund managers and AI-driven strategies.

  4. Experienced Crypto Enthusiasts:

    • Users with prior knowledge and experience in DeFi and cryptocurrency markets and want to earn for their knowledge

  5. Institutional Investors:

    • Financial institutions and investment firms looking to gain exposure to DeFi investors

    • Professionals seeking a reliable, secure, and innovative DeFi asset management platform.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1: 

Beta Launch

Venom & BNB Chain integration

Index Funds rollout

Phase 2: 

Real World Asset Funds - Tokenised Real Estate, Commodities, Bonds, Stocks

Institution Wealth Management onboarding

Token Launch

Phase 3:

V2 Launch and omni-chain integration

Exchange Listings

User Growth

Content Creator Fund Onboarding

Phase 4:

Mobile App Launch

Tier 1 Lisiting 

AI Fund Management 


Phase 5 and Beyond:

V3 - Global Fund Integrations


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