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The Future Of
Asset Management
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On-chain investment funds of tokenised investment strategies

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Tokenisation opens up the possibility of investment funds of anything
"Tokenise the world" - Chainlink, Larry fink, Citi group, JP Morgan & more


Endless possibilities

Harnessing smart contracts, we enable digital wallets to create on-chain funds.

Managers can trade tokenised assets, stake, lend, and explore on-chain strategies with fund capital.

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Index Funds

Hedge Funds

Icon Funds

Track sectors, strategies, asset classes

Regulated funds ran by institutions 

Funds ran by any digital wallet

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How it Works

Bringing asset management on-chain

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The Industry Is Elvolving



"In tokenised assets by 2030"
Citi Group, JP Morgan's Onyx

Global Asset Managers


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AI Personalisation Portfolio Set Up
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