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The Infrastructure 
for DeFi Asset Management

Invest In or Manage a DeFi Investment Fund In Seconds

DeFi Investment Fund
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Invest In or Create Your Own DeFi Investment Funds

Through vault smart contracts, a digital wallet can create an on-chain defi investment fund that other digital wallets can invest in. Managers can trade anything tokenised, stake, lend or participate in other defi strategies using fund capital.

Ai DeFi investment Fund

Index Funds

Diversified Funds that track market sectors

Tokenised Real Estate DeFi Investment Fund

Institutional Funds

Funds made by institutions on-chain

Icon DeFi investment Fund

Icon Funds

Funds created by top digital wallet fund managers

The Tech

Vault Smart Contracts On The Blockchain

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Digital Wallet Users  Can Invest in or Create an On-Chain Vault (DeFi Investment Fund)

The Vault Creator Can Manage The Vault Capital Within The Dexify Interface


+ more coming soon

The Vault Creator Can Utilise Various DeFi Strategies



Management Fee

Fund Performance

Performance Fee


Vault investors Can Withdraw at Any Time Subject To Performance and Management Fees

Built on: 

Coming soon

Venom Foundation

Coming soon

The Asset Management Industry Is Changing

$4 Trillion

Value of tokenised assets By 2030 according to Blackrock and Citi Group


The number of global asset management firms collectively managing over $180 Trillion worth of assets

$375 Billion

Current global market size of asset management fees. Yes asset managers generate a whopping $375 Billion.

AI DeFi Portfolio Set Up
(Coming Soon)

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The Dexify Ecosystem & Partners

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