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Passive. Permissionless. Performance.

Grow your digital wealth
on autopilot

Dexify enables any digital wallet to access to quality, trusted and passive asset management strategies through cross-chain vaults.

Dexify Dexfunds Available on platform
Dexify  Portfolio rebalancing
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How it Works

Meet Dexify's all-in-one solution for omni-chain wealth management

A one-stop shop that delivers your asset management strategy across all chains

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Dexify Dexfund Funds Available
Dexify AI portfolio management

Let AI allocate your initial portfolio based on your risk tolerance.

Dexify Passive Investing

Regain time with recurring deposits direct from your wallet.

Dexify Diversified Investing

Access a wide range of tokenised funds. Real Estate, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds etc.

Unlock the power of cross-chain defi asset management with Dexify! Our app makes it easy to create, manage, and invest in on-chain Dexfunds with a wide variety of assets. Let Dexify help you get the most out of the digital asset revolution!

Why Dexify

Put Dexify to work. Invest your time where it matters.

Dexify Users

Easy setup

Sign one recurring deposit, and you're on the road to your investing goal. No more approving every single traction.

We use a new technology that allows one signature to set up recurring deposits.
Its time DeFi became less laborious.

Smart Investing

With Dexify's AI integration, you can rest assured your portfolio is diversified sufficiently based on your risk tolerance.

Risk-Tolerance Based Alloaction

Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing

Dexify Portfolio Management
Dexify Users

Wide Range of Managers

Use Dexify's epic UX to invest in funds that suit you. Share your progress and reach your goals!

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AI Funds

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Index Funds

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Institutional Funds

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Icon (Influencer) Funds

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From Real World Assets to social integration - Dexify has it all.

We believe that decentralisation and social integration are the keys to unlocking the future of finance, which is why we strive to make our platform as accessible and intuitive as possible. Dexify is setting a new standard for asset management. We invite you to join us on this journey and see for yourself the potential of the future of finance.


The Dexify ecosystem 

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Our Users

Why users like Dexify?

"I can invest in a diversified index fund and track a wide range of projects in a single click with super low fees. This is especially great as in our country it's very hard to access sufficient wealth management."

Dexify Users


Dexify User

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